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At idDOG, we understand the special bond between people and their pets. That’s why we’ve created a community where dog lovers can come together to enjoy discounts, group opportunities for services and experiences, and state-of-the-art technology that helps keep all your records and precious moments in one easy-to-access place available 24/7 (even when vets are closed!).

Our members have the ability to enjoy exclusive benefits such as access to our vault for all records, lists, photos, and videos; genetic records; birth records and pedigree; AKC & CKC registrations. Certifications such as; agility course certifications; training certification; and so much more. With iddDOG, you can be sure that you and your companion are part of a community that always has your best interest at heart.

As an idDOG NFT owner you will be part of a social network, a community of people to enjoy, learn from, share and play with. You will have a roost of people who can lend supportive information and resources with one another as well as use the services found through idDOG.

Benefits of membership include access to exclusive events as our focus moving into the future is creating fun and interesting events for the metaverse and the real world. Local meetups, and live music and entertainment for people and their companions. You will enjoy interviews from professionals and specialists like breeders, veterinarians, trainers, groomers and all sorts of subjects and people that are interesting. Happiness comes from within but also from being part of something bigger than ourselves and that is what idDOG is about.

Being happy and social with our treasured companions and enjoying the joy that comes with having furry friends in our lives!

The idDOG access pass NFT is your lifetime membership to the idDOG platform. 
Holding the idDOG access pass in your crypto wallet, and verifying it across our platform will unlock a whole new world of possibilities and options for you to interact with.

Once you mint / buy your idDog access pass NFT, you are in. 

Learn more about NFTs and how to buy our access pass. 

idDOGmembership unlocks an entirely new world of possibilities using our Web3 platform with idDog Access Pass in your wallet You will be able to use our puppy minter and mint your idDOG identity NFT.

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