Meet our awesome pack of Dog People


known as “The Rare Bird” in the metaverse.​

Anahata Graceland, "Rare" | Founder

I have been an Entrepreneur my entire life and a Lover of all things dog. I am a supporter of interspecies relationships in the wonder of diversity discovering intelligence. I am dedicated to helping the American culture expand its recognition and available spaces for human/dog relationships in our busy world.  I have had 50+ yrs. in the dog breeding business and created the Royal Frenchel Bulldog breed.  I want to lift the bar of available services, experiences and the protection of the family relationship/ownership of dogs. 

I was inspired to create an advanced NFT with what we have coined blockchainDNA™, an innovation which stores immutable records on the blockchain to support veterinarians in better diagnostic tools that bring immediate and timely help to generate best care of dogs in emergent situations such as being stolen or ill. 

In my many years of service in the dog industry, I have heard repeated experiences where customer’s dogs died and how much they suffered not having a community to share that loving transition in… idDOG will meet this need moving beyond it to help dog lovers open into a world of metaverse fun together, learning, experiencing and playing with their 2 and 4 legged friends.

Community is everything to me and the idDOG team. Enhancing the open community spirit of dogs in our daily lives, at home, at work, and at play is my dream. And I am a bulldog!

"My best asset is the ability to surround myself with smarter people."

Greg Hansen | COO

I love dogs. I am located just outside of Washington DC and have lived all over the world. I travel extensively and enjoy meeting new people and seeing new places. I am a Pet lover and lifelong dog owner. I currently have two rescues; both are half German Shepherd/half kangaroo and we love them and all of the smiles they bring.

I have been an entrepreneur all my life. I am currently the head of multiple businesses focused on international services, security, and creative projects dedicated to personal relationships and society. I am directly responsible for maintaining and operating millions of dollars for clients and projects on National and International scales. I lead business development teams and have spent years managing large resources, personnel, and everything associated (contracts, budgets, program management, logistics, technical, etc.) I can manage large or small projects and programs and have been successful for decades with all of the associated duties involved.

My best asset is the ability to surround myself with smarter people.

I enjoy learning and sharing and tackling large challenges.

I believe NFTs and Crypto are the future and I have been investing in the space since 2015. I think the next wave of technological advancement and societal change will be on the blockchain and I am eager to stay involved and ride that wave.

In my spare time, I like construction and new technology design. I enjoy spending time and energy on building an independent future and I believe in the value of networking, long-term strategies, and interpersonal relationships.

"Nothing is impossible, Never Give Up, Always Do Better"


 As an entrepreneur and an avid inventor, Z always aspired to never stop learning and expanding his horizon. Z established personal and business achievements at all levels. Relocated to the US in 2010 from Israel was a sharp transition and since Z founded and operated successful retail stores and sales operations across the US, Developed SASS companies, designed developed, and distribute top seller products and top-tier solutions. Released multiple best-seller products to the smartphone industry and innovative tech toys for all ages.

As a coder in heart and inventor in soul, and as technology’s #1 fan, Z furthers education and pursues a degree in Software engineering & computer science. Not long into school, Z established, founded, staffed, and operated multiple online companies, leveraging the experience acquired while successfully venturing the sales and marketing operations on the ground and then applying these processes online. 

With growing experience, a full-stack knowledge online and offline, software development, marketing & sales strategies, and a high executed success rate, Z expanded his reach. Z provided hands-on, a temporary executive position as a business booster and strategic operation for small to large businesses, Z had the opportunity to coach large staff groups, and teams, in all aspects of the operations, from sales of services and products, to development of sales techniques with highlights on high-quality customer service, as well as to the development of the software and hardware.

 Z’s passion for blockchain technology and decentralization of power, started a couple of months after the publication of the Bitcoin paper and the emergence of blockchain tech was published at the end of 2008. Later around 2015 and with the rise of Ethereum, Z further his study and skills in the different coding languages used on smart contracts and to communicate with the blockchain. 

Z deployed a variety of 100% decentralized applications to the different blockchains, such as a Decentralized escrow platform allowing people to transact and finalize a deal in a pure P2P transaction using smart contracts.

The “Charismatic Degen Crypto Lord”

Leo Bailey

Project Development Manager

Creator of Paradox NFT and blockchain. The “Charismatic Degen Crypto Lord” (or “Leo” as some of you may know him) has nurtured an interest in cryptocurrencies for nearly a decade. He is a self-taught blockchain developer and has been involved in several different projects, including the founding of Blockchain Novelties.

He also helped with the development of Hogue Finance and served in an advisory role to the wildly successful launch of the platform. In addition to serving as an advisor, he developed and launched an “investors app” on the iOS App and Google Play Stores. In breaking with traditional trends, Leo prefers long walks in the desert with his dog instead of the beach in his spare time.

Project Development Manager

Brand Partnerships & Strategic Development.​

"bites into the details of what turns our ship in the best direction of success"

Mariano Pellegrino

Brand Partnerships & Strategic Development.​

Mariano Pellegrino, MBA is a visionary and resourceful international business professional with sales, finance, and business development experience. Over his 17 yr career, his experience as a business consultant led him to co-found 2 small businesses and now has championed the vet industry for the last 3 years. His focus is effective brand strategy and nurturing long lasting partnerships.

He is an active Crypto investor and NFT holder of Veefriends. He loves to build community and is an effective communicator, a self-starter, results-oriented, committed, and dependable.  Anahata says Mariano has the energy of a champion rat terrier, he bites into the details of what turns our ship in the best direction of success for members of the community of idDOG.

Brand Partnerships & Strategic Development.​

“jack of all trades”

Arturo Celleri

Administrator & Community Builder​

Arturo is a community builder and lover of all things NFT & Crypto. He is a “jack of all trades” as an administrative assistant and everyone wants to take him home! A happy, jovial, get-it-done guy with a love and passion for dogs, Arturo helped build Royal Frenchel with Anahata Graceland over the last 10 years while investing in crypto and NFTs.

Arturo is a dedicated team builder on any project with personal integrity high on his list.

Also a chemistry professor and a lover of ecological sustainability, Arturo serves the youth with the love and passion for our planet and all it’s species with joy.

Develop partnerships and discover a community that see pets as family

Manye Nunez

Assistant Sales & Marketing & Community Builder​

Manye left his job & stability of the past to enter the crypto market this past year. With his love of entrepreneurship and a sales & marketing background Manye hits the floor running when it comes to idDOG’s memberships.

He loves people and a great product so Manye joined the team this quarter to help develop partnerships and discover those who want a community that understands the great love of their dog as a member of their family. Manye is infectious and wildly genuine. He goes the extra mile in service as well as interest in all he serves.

Assistant Sales & Marketing & Community Builder​

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